UWP Tour Going as Planned in United States

footage (5)Several meetings took place over the weekend and are continuing, as members of the UWP – United Workers Party including, Mr. Lennox Linton, Mr. Hector John, Dr. Thomson Fontaine, Mr. Ron Green and Mr. Joshua Francis are on their 7 city tour in the United States.

The Party explained the main purpose of the trip is to bring the vision of the UWP to the Dominicans living in the diaspora.

UWP Candidate for the Grand Fond constituency, Dr. Thomson Fontaine stated, as the next potential Government, it is very important that they meet with various officials in the United States, who may work closely with the Prime Minister in waiting, Mr. Lennox Linton.


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Dr. Fontaine said he is very optimistic the UWP will form the Government at the next general elections, as he believes that the people are ready for change, realizing the country is not moving forward.

He noted, in order for Dominica to move forward we need a change of governance, and the UWP has a group of individuals who are capable of placing Dominica in the right direction.


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On Friday January 11th, the UWP team met with the diaspora in and around Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, on Saturday January 12th they met with diaspora in New Jersey and New York and today, Tuesday January 14th the team held a meeting with diaspora in Atlanta.






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They will then move to Florida on Thursday January 16th, Texas on Saturday January 18th, and then to Toronto, Canada on Tuesday January 21st.

The team is also scheduled to make stops in Paris on January 31st, and is finalizing a tour for London on February 4th.









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