UWP walks out of Parliament after the Speaker rejects their motion

‘Did the Speaker have a right to reject the motion moved by the opposition United Workers Party?’


That’s the question that everyone is asking after the UWP members walked out of Parliament on November 29th, 2010 after the Speaker rejected their motion.


President of the UWP, Honorable Edison James told parliament that it is still not clear as to why five out of their eight questions were exempted on the Order Paper.


In the interim, Speaker of the House of Assembly, Honorable Alix Boyd-Knights said that the issue regarding the basis of the questions which were left out on the Order Paper should be dealt with in the Administrative Office and not during Parliament.


This she believes is in keeping with the rules of the House of Assembly as well as the Standing Orders.


Following the walkout, the UWP members staged a silent protest in Roseau.

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