UWP Wants Apology for Late Invitations

Mr. Lennox Linton, Party Leader

Mr. Lennox Linton, Party Leader

Leader of the United Workers Party, Mr. Lennox Linton says the Labour Party Government’s deliberate decision for the late delivery of invitations to the Opposition, to attend the cocktail reception for the 10th anniversary celebration of diplomatic relations between Dominica and China was in an attempt to score “cheap political points”.

He noted this was the reason that no member of the Opposition was present at the event held on Saturday march 22nd 2014.

Mr. Linton noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should have called the Opposition parliamentarians to inform them of the invitation.

However, no explanation was given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the late invitations.

He reiterated, under the instruction of Mr. Skerrit, the operatives of the Dominica Labour Party are attempting to use this matter to score cheap political points against the United Workers Party.

The Party Leader called on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to release an apology to not only the people of Dominica but to the People’s Republic of China “outlining the truths and facts of the matter”.

Mr. Linton said he is appalled and alarmed that this is the tactics of the ruling Government.

However, when contacted, a source from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that to date, they have not received any written request from the UWP on the matter.

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