Judge Rules UWP’s Case Against “Illegal” President Valid

Hector JohnOn September 10th 2012, the United Workers Party (UWP) held a public meeting in order to address their concerns, regarding the nomination of a new president for Dominica.

In that meeting, it was alleged that the Government was not fair and did not provide evidence in regards to Dr. Liverpool resignation.

The most significantly asked question was “if we violate and ignore anyone of these provisions of the constitution, how can we be certain that we will abide with the other provisions of the constitution?”

Today, Friday February 22nd, The UWP has received positive feedback from the Court, and their case will be moving forward.

Mr. John stated that they do not have an issue with the holder of the office but the process that was used for the removal of Dr. Liverpool and the installation of Honorable Eluid Williams.

He added although they tried to stop and delay the process to ensure that the constitution was respected, this did not happen.

Mr. John mentioned some of the reasons why the court ruled in favor of the United Workers Party.

The leader of the opposition is asking the public to use this matter as an example, and to remember that the law is to be respected at all times.

Mr. John says, both sides now have the opportunity to voice their opinions on the issue and the Court will have the final say on the procedure that should be followed.

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