UWP Youth Arm to Host All Colours “Youth in it too Rally!”

10157384_832440190117396_5152910322959849336_nThe Youth Arm of the United Workers Party has organised a National Youth Rally, dubbed “Youth in it too”, where young persons across Dominica are invited to express their views on the developmental, social, economic and political issues affecting Youth in Dominica.

According to UWP Youth Arm President, Anwar Cadette, the event, carded for St. Joseph on Sunday May 25th at 3 p.m., will offer young persons a platform to voice their perspective as to what kind of Dominica they would like to see.

“Most of the young people we’ve encountered stated they want to play a part in the political change in reference to the evolution of Dominica, so this rally is going to be a speaking out rally for the young people.”

Cadette added, many young people have stated some of the things that are going on in Dominica as it relates to change and development, and how the current Government is responding to the country’s development is not satisfactory, so they want a chance to speak out.

The group feels that all youth are impacted by Government’s policies and actions and that they are too often stereotyped as a “want it now generation”.

Cadette says the idea of a Rally organized by youth, and for youth was presented to the Management Committee of the UWP Team Dominica, who accepted the idea, and gave the go ahead.

 UWP Youth Arm President, Anwar Cadette

UWP Youth Arm President, Anwar Cadette

“You will be able to communicate with the United Workers Party and the political leader Lennox Linton and Monell Williams will be speaking in addition to Ronald Charles, Claudius Sanford and Joseph Issac as well,” Cadette explained.

Each constituency has a dedicated youth arm, responsible for engaging young persons in governmental matters and forming a greater relationship between youth and the political leaders.

All youth are invited to attend the rally.

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