Leader of the UWP - United Workers Party, Mr. Lennox Linton

Leader of the UWP – United Workers Party, Mr. Lennox Linton

Leader of the UWP – United Workers Party, Mr. Lennox Linton wants answers on Dominica’s participants on Winter Olympics in Sochi Germany.

Mr. Linton feels the Attorney General, Mr. Levi Peters, who broke his silence on the matter, spoke in an effort to brush aside the issue of Economic Citizenship.

The UWP has viewed with concern, the recent negative press accompanied by Dominica’s participation in the recently concluded Winter Olympic Games.

It was the couple he noted, who said they were offered citizenship, after making charitable contributions to Dominica and it was not any media house who concocted the story.

The Di Silvestris informed the world via international media, that they were invited to Dominica to become citizens, after making charitable contributions to the Island’s children’s hospital – a hospital which does not exist.


The Di Silvestris

The Di Silvestris

The United Workers Party leader called on the Roosevelt Skerrit-led Administration to inform the Dominican people on what steps are being taken to reverse the negative effects of this scandal and to address the willful act of fraud against the Dominica Olympic Committee (DOC).

Mr. Linton is also requesting that truthful and complete disclosure as to how much was paid by the Di Silvestris for their citizenship, and other particulars for the regular and diplomatic passports be issued to them.

A call is also being made for the specific amount donated by the couple for the children’s hospital or for any other purpose, in addition to the name of the Institution or individual who received the money; the bank the money was sent to and the applicable rate of interest on these public funds.

The UWP leader added, this is in no way a political scheme, but simply an attempt to get Dominica’s international image restored from the damage done by the action of the Di Silvestris.

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