Vagrant Obstructs Smooth Operation of Business


Vagrant Obstructs Smooth Operation of Business

Who is responsible for these homeless people that keep on pervading the streets of our capital? And what is being done to eradicate these vagrants from our streets?

Many times the question of who is responsible for the increased number of vagrants on the streets of Roseau is raised. No one seems to know there seems to know, as form of action is taken to alleviate this ongoing issue in our society.

Today was no ordinary day for the employees of Sagicor as their business operation was obstructed by a vagrant, who insisted on spending his day lying outside the entrance of their office.

Not only was his presence distracting but the unpleasant odor from his urine was intolerable.

She said that no individual should have to work under such conditions and the authorities should find a solution to keep these vagrants off the streets.



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