Vendors Warned to Obtain Certification to Vend For Carnival Season

food safteyThe public is advised that people who wish to sell food items during the carnival season must obtain proper certification to ensure that all food sold is safe for consumption.

This message came from Environmental Health Officer, Ms. Tassie Thomas. He stated anytime there are mass gatherings of people, food will be sold and the public’s safety has to take priority.

Ms. Thomas pointed out that although the staff at the Environmental Health Unit is small; they have devised a plan to monitor food safety during mass gathering events throughout the carnival season.

Any vendor who does not have the vendor certification identification card shows that, the person is not certified and will removed out from vending.

Vendors must have a permit from the Dominica Police Force,and a picture food identification card from the Environmental Health Department.

food safety 2They must also have a permit from the Roseau City Council dependent on the location within the City where they intend to vend.

Ms. Thomas stated, we all need to pass on these requirements to people who we know will be vending, so that they follow the necessary procedures to get certified, and save themselves any disappointments or embarrassment.

With the vendors being inside Carnival City she pointed out it will be much safer for the public and vendors, while making the job of the Environmental Health Officers easier.

Ms. Thomas is urging all vendors to ensure they have water, bins for your garbage, and they are well attired at all times.

They should also have their food handler’s ID cards visible at all times and ready to present to the public with safe food.

Environmental Health officers will be present at all carnival events, including Carnival Monday and Tuesday on February 11th and 12th inspecting vendors to ensuring that the stalls are sanitary and the food safe.

Vendors must seek permission from the Dominica Festivals Committee to vend inside Carnival City.

The Environmental Health Unit is urging all vendors to put their best foot forward, and do their best to give people food that is safe, food that is wholesome to eat and not contaminated.

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