Vernelle Lafleur Pleads Guilty to Wounding Charges

woundsWe are all aware of being careful so our right does not pass for our wrong.

However 26 year old Ms. Vernelle Lafleur did not seem to understand this message.

Ms. Lafleur, a mother of two from Pointe Michel pled guilty to wounding, when she appeared before Roseau Magistrate Evelina Baptiste.

According to the facts of the case, on Friday April 12th at 1:00pm, Ms. Lafleur left her two children in the care of her father, Mr. Vernand Lafleur and went to do laundry.

Shortly after she received a phone call from a friend informing her that her father was quarrelling with her children, so she left the laundry and went home.

Upon arrival to her home, it was reported that her Dad held her in her throat and she responded by striking him with a stone to his head and he started bleeding.

A report was made to the Point Michel Police Station and Ms. Lafleur was questioned and subsequently arrested.

She was not sentenced after her guilty plea, as Magistrate Baptiste demanded that Mr. Lafleur be brought to Court so she can find out his condition before she sentences Ms. Lafleur.

Sentencing is expected to take place on Thursday April 18th 2013.



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