Veteran Calypsonian Passes Away

Rest In Peace flyer compliments SAT Telecommunications Ltd

Rest In Peace flyer compliments SAT Telecommunications Ltd

The calypso fraternity is now in a state of mourning following the death of veteran calypsonian Freddie Mendes better known as “Man Himself.”

He was employed as a teacher at the St Martin Secondary school and was also a skilled song writer.

Although the circumstances surrounding his death are unknown, it is reported that he passed away during the early hours of Tuesday March 11th 2014, after complaining of feeling unwell, on Monday March 10th 2014.

Reports are that a recent matter with calypsonian Julian “Superior Picky” Lockhart may have triggered the illness, as Picky blamed him for the late delivery of his second song, which caused him to blunder during a performance at the recently held Calypso Finals.

Man Himself, in an attempt to clear his name went on a local radio programme to explain the situation which he noted, was entirely Picky’s fault.

Meanwhile, Manager of Stardom Calypso Tent, Mr. Norman Letang says he was shocked by the news of the calypsonian’s passing.

“ himself was here two days ago, he brought some CDs for me. He’s the one who really produces the CD for the Stardom Tent.”

Mr. Letang described him as being an educated individual and a great asset to the Tent, noting that he has written a number of songs for several calypsonians.

Mr. Mendes will surely be missed in the Calypso arena and the students at the St. Martin Secondary school.

May his soul rest in peace and God protect his family during their difficult ordeal.

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