Video to be Presented to DAPD


Executive Director of DAPD, Ms. Nathalie Murphy

The Dominica Association of Persons with Disabilities (DAPD), has taken their educational and advocacy program to a different level and at the same time, build its resource base.

This is being communicated through the production of a series of short videos where the Association highlighted some of the challenges that persons with disabilities experience, based on the issues they voiced over the years.

Therefore, two videos were produced for DAPD. The first video focused on the environment and the other on education. The video features all the various obstacles that persons with disabilities encounter when they try to access the environment as well as getting an education.

Mrs. Murphy said the production is supposed to be formally presented to DAPD on Sunday February 24th, where a farewell party is being arranged for the Japanese Volunteers who will be leaving on February 26th.

She hopes the video will change the public’s mentality and perception of people with disabilities and at the same time, take concrete steps to change some of the disabling conditions that presently exist.

clip from video

clip from the video to be presented of Sunday February 24th

The video was produced by Japanese Volunteer Miho, who Mrs. Murphy believes worked extremely hard during her time at DAPD. Mrs. Murphy says Miho really did put herself out there to ensure that she developed a flawless video for DAPD.

Miho also visited schools to observe how disable people access their classes and move around, as well as institutions that take care of such persons.

Mrs. Murphy noted that the volunteers worked extremely hard from the moment that they arrived in Dominica and they will be missed.


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