Visual Artistes Urged to Join Association to Reap Benefits for their Work


Participants of the forum

Visual artists are being urged to join the Visual Arts Society of Dominica (VASoD), so that they can reap the full benefit from the work they produce.

These include people in the many disciplines of Fine Arts, Photography, Videography, Film, and Design inclusive of Fashion, Make Up, Hair, Clothing and Accessories.

This was the advice that the participants of a VASoD discussion and networking received on Tuesday December 18th, at the Alliance Française building.

VASoD is a non-profit organization established for the primary purpose of promoting the competitiveness and export readiness of Dominican individuals, and corporations in the visual and creative arts industries, who are seeking to get artists involved in this sector under one umbrella organization.

Mr. Irvin Durand, who is the President and founder of VASoD, stated it is important that visual artists join VASoD to be unified, as there are many opportunities that they cannot take advantage of as individuals but as one body they can.

He says as the market in Dominica is a small one, creators have to be innovative and transform work that has already been created to make it one of a kind while exploring the benefits of technology.

Mr. Durand pointed out that with the introduction of information technology, artists can use this media to make their work global, rather than just be stuck within the borders of Dominica.

Some of the benefits of joining VASoD which he highlighted are training, access to grant fund for projects, and regional and or international job opportunities.

The President of VASoD added if we do not get active as one body, foreign visual artists will come to Dominica’s small market and take the opportunities we let slide from our grasp.


Executive Director of the Dominica Coalition of Service Industries (DCSI), Mr. Lester Riviere

Executive Director of the Dominica Coalition of Service Industries (DCSI), Mr. Lester Riviere pointed out that the DCSI works on behalf of associations such as VASoD to make sure they are well recognized to benefit from all opportunities available.

He says in terms of grant funding, donors demand that in order to disseminate funds for projects, the visual artistes have to be part of an association, as they will not do so to any individual practicing in an industry.

Strength in numbers is the idea we need to develop he says as resources can be pooled together, and they will have the support of other individuals who share their concerns and all work together to promote their ideas and objectives.

The DCSI has their own website that does web hosting for associations.

Mr. Riviere says this is much more cost effective for associations and service providers as well.

He added forming linkages will allow people to accomplish things tha, they never would be able to do on their own but can only do being part of an association such as VASoD.



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