Visually Impaired Boy Makes History Once Again!

Many individuals who are blessed with all of their senses find excuses not to do certain things in life.


One blind teenager has made history once again by walking the first segment of the Waiti Kubuli National Trail on Sunday, July 17th, 2011.


This segment of the trail is from Scotts Head to Soufriere.


Sixteen year old Loik Charles made history in Dominica a few years ago when he was the first blind student to write the Grade Six National Assessment Examinations and was successful in obtaining a high pass.


Mr. Charles has been determined to prove to the Dominican public and by extension the world, that being blind is not or should not be a deterrent from achieving that which he or any other blind person wants to achieve in life.


Although he claimed that he was tired during the trail and that he longed to complete the walk, he really enjoyed the experience.


Mrs. Rosemund Gordon Leblanc, mother of Loik, expressed her thanks to those who assisted him in the successful completion of the trail.


Written by Gail Sharplis

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