Vivian Charles Charged with Murder and Edmund Charles Pleads Guilty to the Charge of Theft

" style=Vivian Charles of Providence Laudat, who appeared before Magistrate Ossie Lewis on Monday February 18th 2013, was not required to plea as he was charged with murder which is an indictable offence.

The 53 year old was denied bail, and the trial in his murder case will begin on July 29th 2013, while disclosure has been set for May 31st 2013.

Charles was arrested for the murder of Richard Roy Lazarus of Trafalgar, whose body was, discovered about 30 feet in the bushes from the main road at Providence, in the vicinity of Laudat Village at about 3pm on February 13th, 2013.

Charles is from the village of Morne Prosper but residing at Laudat.

He is represented by Attorney Wayne Norde.

In more court news,

court story 2 footage (3)The rum and the party did not stop for one man, following carnival and starting off the Lenten season as he was charged for stealing alcohol, at the Roseau Magistrate’s Court on Monday February 18th 2013.

Edmund Charles of River Street pled guilty to the charge of theft, when he was caught trying to walk out of Lindo Mart Supermarket in Goodwill with a bottle of Black Label Rum.

According to the facts of the case, an employee who was at work on Sunday February 17th 2013 noticed Charles heading straight to the alcohol section upon entering the supermarket.

After taking a good look at the alcohol on the shelves, he then turned and attempted to leave the store.

The employee however noticed a unusual bulge under his shirt.

She stopped him from leaving, and asked Charles what he had under his shirt.

On lifting Charles’ shirt, she saw a bottle of Black Label Rum.

The employee then called the security guard for assistance, who then called the police.

When questioned by the police, Charles said he was sorry. He was cautioned and arrested then transported to the Roseau Police Station.

When given the chance by Magistrate Ossie Lewis, to explain the reason for his actions or why he should not impose a custodial sentence on him, the defendant said he has nothing to say.

Before sentencing, Magistrate Lewis revealed that Charles has a lengthy criminal record, which includes a number of offences of theft, one of which is as current as 2011, which he said shows Charles have not learned his lesson.

He added Charles’s silence shows unrepentant.

Charles was sentenced to four months imprisonment.



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