Voice of Life Fundraising Activity

Manager of Voice of Life, Ms. Clementina Munro

Many gathered at the Roseau Primary School as Voice of Life held a sophisticated, professional and entertaining tea party to raise funds to keep their business running.

Manager of Voice of Life Ms. Clementina Munro says they are currently in their sharer thorn period and that is the time they raise funds for their organization.

Ms. Clementina Munro added although this activity is held to help raise funds for the business, she sees it as a way to get Catholics and Christians to come together to have a good time.

In addition, Ms. Clementina Munro says that the last events held were a total success. She says although the preparations have been a bit difficult for the sharer thorn events, she is pleased with the turn out.

The people present were amazed about the different varieties of teas served as well as the how proficient the venue was set up.

Overall, Ms. says it brought delight to her heart to see how great the turnout was.

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