Voice of Life Manager Appealing to Public to Participate in Share-A-Thon


Voice of Life satellite dish

Dominicans and visitors alike are being asked to show some generosity as the Voice of Life Radio Station hosts its Share-A-Thon 2013 event.

This plea came from the General Manager of Voice of Life Radio Station Ms. Clementina Munro, who says that it is vital the public does what they can to support this event which is essential to the continuation of the station.

She says this Share-A-Thon is the pivotal fund raiser for the radio station, while pointing out that they do some advertising and announcements which are limited as they are not a commercial station.

The theme of the Share-A-Thon is “Holding Our Hands in Partnership.”

Each year a budget is drafted which includes what the station will need for the upcoming year to then start planning the Share-A-Thon.


General Manager of Voice of Life Radio Station, Ms. Clementina Munro

Ms. Munro said they are hoping to raise EC$398,997.00 which is what they will need to carry the station onto the next year.

The General Manager pointed out that most of their equipment needs to be replaced as they have been in operation since the station was started.

She said with the much needed donations, they will be able to purchase the valuable equipment that is needed to upgrade the level and quality of programming delivered to their audience.

Ms. Munro says there will be a total of 25 volunteers who will be answering the phones round the clock so they can secure as much pledges as possible.

She is hoping all who pledge will honour their commitments as in the past a lot of what was pledged was never received, however she is optimistic this time around.

The Voice of Life Share-A-Thon will run from December 12 to 15th.

People wishing to make donations can call 448-4391, and 448-7017.


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