Voluntary Counseling and Testing Training Closing Ceremony

One of the trainers, Ms. Patricia Joseph

The National HIV and AIDS Response Unit held its training ceremony for the recently concluded voluntary counseling and testing training course on Friday November 23rd.

More than two months ago, three people started the process of becoming clinical trainers. They had previous training where they went through a theoretical process and did clinical skills and became certified candidate clinical trainers.

One of the trainers, Ms. Patricia Joseph, says this course was to support the trainers in that process and now they are qualified clinical trainers.

The goals of the course were to positively influence the attitudes of the participants, the provide them with the basic training in HIV disease and counseling skills, and the knowledge and skills needed to provide the services effectively.

The Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Mrs. Helen Royer

The Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Mrs. Helen Royer, is very pleased that in Dominica we can now have our own facilitators in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

She hopes that the training received by the participants would translate into great customer service, and that they would set the example for trainers to come.

She wants this training to broaden the scope of the participants so that they think of the clients and their rights.

The participants received certificates for their completion of the course.


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