VOSH Mission Appreciated by Anchorage Hotel

Dr. Dan Wrubel Receiving a Plaque of Appreciation

Dr. Dan Wrubel Receiving a Plaque of Appreciation

The phrase ‘Give people their flowers while they are alive’ was exercised by the Management of the Anchorage Hotel, Whale Watch and Dive Center as they hosted a Manager’s Cocktail party in honour of the VOSH 2013 Annual Consecutive Mission.

Volunteer Optometry Services for Humanity Team (VOSH), is a non-governmental, non-sectarian, apolitical organization, dedicated to the provision of eye and vision care services for those who are below the poverty level and without access to local eye care.

The VOSH Mission is under the Management of Dr. Dan Wrubel who received a Meritorious Service Award during the 2012 Independence celebrations.

Minister for Information, Telecommunications & Constituency Empowerment, Honourable Ambrose George stated, the VOSH Mission which has done a lot for Dominica also has to give thanks to Mr. Jeffrey Brisbane who was instrumental in bringing them to the Island.

Dr. Dan Wrubel And His Family

Dr. Dan Wrubel And His Family

Mr. George pointed out that all the years VOSH has been visiting Dominica, it has been a mission filled with commitment, dedication and service to humanity.

He said the team, choosing the Anchorage for the past eighteen years as their home away from home is also indeed incredible.

With this he said, the hotel must have been putting on a wonderful team effort to have the team return year after year after year.

Mr. George also gave special thanks to the Rotary Club of Roseau for their partnership with VOSH for the last nineteen years.

VOSH Mission Leader Doctor Dan Wrubel says without the cooperation and support of his wife and two sons none of this humanitarian effort would have been possible.

He pointed out that the mission started very small but expanded throughout the years into what it is right now.

Doctor Wrubel highlighted that although the mission can be very stressful with the constant travelling and unpacking, he gets satisfaction when he reminisces on the amount of people they help.

Ms. Yvonne Armour, The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Anchorage Hotel, Whale Watch and Dive Center thanked the VOSH team for choosing the Anchorage Hotel as their home away from home for the past eighteen years.

Members of the VOSH Team

Members of the VOSH Team

Doctor Wrudel also extended a special thank you to the Rotaract Club of Dominica, whose help has been very instrumental to the Mission.

VOSH began in 1973, when eye doctors decided they wanted to give back to the community.

With this, they researched where the poorest countries were and started on their humanitarian project which includes eye screening and distribution of eye glasses for those who need.

So far, they have carried out the project in Guyana, Haiti, Latvia, Honduras, Mexico, and Dominica.

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