Waitukubuli Dance Theatre Company Celebrates 41 Years of Existence

Waitukubuli Dance Theatre Company

After 41 years of the group, the Waitukubuli Dance Theatre Company is celebrating its Anniversary with a production called “Dance into the Rhythm of Life”.

More than 20 pieces will be showcased as part of the performance, which were choreographed by Mr. Raymond Lawrence, Michel Ferrol and Dorell Diola to a variety of styles.

Mr. Raymond Lawrence, is the main choreographer and says that the group has been working tirelessly to make this production a success.

A main part of the performance will be a tribute to Jeff Jo who was one of Dominica’s musical icons who passed on in 2011.

Mr. Lawrence says they will be dancing to one of Jeff Jo’s songs and also a cadence piece by “Liquid Ice” of Dominica which they will be interpreting.

It takes a lot work to produce such a huge performance and Mr. Lawrence says the group has been working for up to 4 months to make this show possible.

The public will be exposed to the senior, intermediate and junior dancers.

He says people can look forward to an enjoyable night. The show is being presented on Saturday November 10th at the Arawak House of Culture.

The price is $20 for adults and $10 for children.

The public will also be seeing new dances for the first time.

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