Walk for Cancer Care on Schedule

Vinna royer Cancer Survivor President of the Dominica Cancer Society Dominica

Vinna Royer, Vice President Of The Dominica Cancer Society

The Dominica Cancer Society has been very active in the advocacy of cancer care for all Dominicans affected by the disease.

As part of their fund raising activity, a walk for cancer care is high on the agenda.

The walk, which will be held on October 5th 2013, is part of creating public awareness on the disease as well as raise funds to assist cancer patients.

The set target of the Dominica Cancer Society is $100,000.00.

Two groups will be participating in the walk, beginning from 4:30 pm. The expedition will consist of various routes; one from Seamoon’s Bar in Massacre, another at Pointe Michel, and then will climax at the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard.

Mrs. Royer said last year was a success for the society when they raised $49,000.00; $1000.00 short of their set target of $50,000.00.

Mrs. Royer said the society is always assisting cancer patients who are in need.

An online petition was launched in June by the Cancer Society along with regional organizations geared at improving access for cervical cancer screening within the Region.

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