Walk for Cancer hailed a ‘SUCCESS’

Sat Telecoms2013-10-08-14h40m11s109President of the Dominica Cancer Society, Mrs. Kathleen Cornelius, is calling the Society’s ‘Walk for Cancer Care, which took place on Saturday October 5th a success.

After witnessing the number of persons who turned up for the walk, they were indeed encouraged.

The crowd included a make-up of many young girls from various secondary schools Island-wide.

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Special recognition goes out to the students of the Convent High School, namely those of the St. Theresa House, who came out in full force, as they and the Society has teamed up in celebration of the St. Theresa Feast expected to take place this month.

There was an increase of participants from an estimated 800 in 2012 to 1,200 in 2013 based on t-shirt sales and the crowd turnout.

The funds generated, will be released as soon as team leaders bring in their contributions, so the finances can be counted. This is expected to be carried out later this week.

Mrs. Cornelius is anticipating a walk on a much larger scale for 2014.


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