Want More Brain Power?… Eat Fish!

The Fisheries Division in collaboration with St. John’s Fisher Folk Cooperative, Japan International Cooperation Agency, and a number of other stakeholders within the Portsmouth area, held an “Eat Fish Event”, at the Portsmouth Fisheries Complex, On Thursday June 27th.



This was conducted under the theme, “More Brain Power- Eat Fish”.

The primary goals of the event were to sensitize members of the public, specifically primary school students, on the catchment, importance and value of eating good quality fish.

Also, to create a greater sense of awareness of the social and economic value of fishing as a business.

A key feature of the day was the various preparations of fish dishes.

The event also focused of the utilization of lionfish as a valuable source of protein.

Children at the event

Children at the event





Fifteen students from the following Primary Schools: Roosevelt Douglas, St. John’s, Savanne Paille and Clifton, prepared and displayed fish dishes which formed part of a recipe competition.

Mr. Andrew Magloire, Chief Fisheries Officer, said it is esential that the students learn the value of eating local, particularly fish.

Prizes will be awarded to the students at the closing ceremony.




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