War On Drugs Will Continue Says Asp Weekes

128828144_1363637025The war on drugs is one that will continue to be fought for a long time, according to Assistant Superintendent of Police Claude Weekes.

He noted, in recent times, the police have been having a number of successes in combating illicit drugs including crack, cocaine and marijuana, but there is still evidence of the proliferation of drug activities.

According to him the irony of the situation is that, the drug lords and their families do not do drugs and are well educated.

He said they are the ones with the most expensive cell phones, fancy cars and large flat screen televisions, purchased through drug activities and proceeds of crime.



The ASP says he is concerned about the young people, who are vulnerable and susceptible to taking drugs.

These situations all aid in the lack of productivity of the country, he noted.

According to ASP Weekes, when you destroy the youth by selling drugs, you become an enemy of the State.

He added the police will continue to work ceaselessly to ensure law and order is maintained in Dominica.

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