Warner Village Feast 2012

warner.jpgThe Warner Development Committee (WDC) and the Warner Youth Group (WYG) have planned a series of activities for Warner Village Feast 2012 carded for May 19th to May 28th under the theme “Promoting Community Togetherness to Achieve Community Development.”


Father Franklyn Cuffy says the aim this year is to foster community togetherness through diverse activities such as; educational, sporting and entertainment.

A panel discussion was held on Monday 21st at the Warner Primary School where an educational aspect to the celebrations was introduced. The effects of poor parenting on current social skills and the implications for community development were also highlighted.


The Warner village feast Mass will be held on Pentecost Monday which is May 28th at the Holy Spirit Chapel on the themes “Remembering to Reconnect” and “Re-commit & Rebuild Ourselves in the Holy Spirit, Liver a Renewed Life”.


Father Cuffy is also reminding the public of Grandparents Day as well as the Essay Competition.

A national essay competition on the theme “the impact/influence of our grandparents on my family”, is being organized as part of this years Parish feast.

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