Warner village panel discussion



warner.jpgThe discussion was held under the theme, ‘The Family, The pillar of the community’.


Mrs Josette Matthew, a panelist at the discussion, says that the theme is one of pertinence as it is a broad topic that spreads far past the village of Warner.


Mrs. Yvonne Alexander, speaking at the event, said this panel discussion is first of its kind, and it is part of an effort to develop the village feast into something more wholesome than just partying celebrations.


Active in the feast activities this year is the Warner Development Committee that was formed one year ago.


The committee seeks to develop the community and has provided training for the villagers in Disaster Management Response Team programs and Shelter Management Training.


In addition it aims to make the village a safe environment by upgrading foot paths and drains that needed repair or posed health threats.


However, Mrs. Mathew says that the community cannot depend on the committee but begin development in the most key aspect, the family.

The village feast will be celebrated on Monday May 28th.

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