Warner Village – “Promoting Community Togetherness to Achieve Community Development”

On Monday May 13th marked the Official Start of the activities for Warner Village Feast, under the theme “Promoting Community Togetherness to Achieve Community Development”, with a Panel Discussion at the Warner Primary School.

Honourable Rayburn Blackmoore said there was a good turnout of villagers although he would have liked to see more men, as the recurring question is often ‘Are we playing our role as men in society?’

Mr. Blackmoore shared with the crowd a story of a past university friend whose parents had invested money in him in an effort to point out the difference in the way Dominicans and other nationals think.

According to the Parliamentary Representative, we should address the issues that are important in order to work against poverty. We should not leave the burden to the state.  It has to be our obligation to take care of our grandparents, parents and children.

He applauded the committee’s effort and says as a measure to facilitate community development and involvement he is looking to secure resource centres for the village of Campbell and Warner.

In closing he stated, in 2013 we must push to depart from public conveniences and ensure that there is a toilet and bathroom in each home.

The panel consisted of Pastor Martin Douglas from the Christ Gospel Church; Thomas Holmes, Educator and President of CARIMAN – Caribbean Male Action Network; Inspector Claude Weekes and the Moderator, Inspector Michael Laudat.

In an interactive session, which the villagers participated in, the panelist answered a series of questions geared at making the absence of men in society clearer.

Pastor Martin Douglas, says he believes as young men they need to get back to a relationship with God.

He says that if young men were to be asked what their purpose is very few would have an answer.






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