Water Week

The Caribbean Water and Sewerage Association Incorporated (CAWASA) kicked off a two day workshop on Monday November 26th.

The workshop will be focusing on wastewater operations and maintenance.

Workshop Facilitator Mr. Alphonsus Daniel pointed out that we all need to open our minds towards what we call waste water and see it as raw material.

He said we need to take this seriously as we are faced with the reality of clean water becoming scarce.

He mentioned that we have to look for ways of reusing, recycling, cleaning up, conserving, so at the end of the day there will be less dirty water to deal with.

He said the poor past rate of a number of facilities resulted in the poor delivering of affluent quality of suspended solids, 30 milligrams per litre among other problems, and with this there is a lot to learn.

Mr. Daniel pointed out that 90% of the plant operators will say that, this may be the result of they not having an input in the type of plant they received that were entrusted in their care.

The workshop facilitator says many of the waste treatment plants that the Caribbean received are not what we should have received, hence the reason for constant maintenance to deal with the problems associated with them.

He said if we use the waste as raw materials, we can process it to then lessen the effect on the environment in regards to clean water, as there are a lot of other benefits that can be derived.

Mr. Daniel also said based on the type of treatment used, this waste water can be converted to water for irrigation, and to generate energy among others.

He pointed out that processed sludge can be treated, which then can be used to revitalize soil especially for farming which is having a big impact when produce need to be cultivated in very large quantities, to keep up with the increase in demand.

Workshop Facilitator, Mr. Alphonsus Daniel

General Manager of the Dominica Water and Sewerage and Company Limited (DOWASCO), Mr. Bernard Ettinoffe highlighted that over the years, water resource managers have place tremendous emphasis on fresh portable water and integrated water resource management which are very important.

He said we all have to ensure we use our water sustainably, in order for it Zbe intact for future generations.

He said most of the emphasis was placed on portable, however the management of waste and waste water is equally important, as how we manage such can have a lasting effect on our portable water resources.

Mr. Ettinoffe says for those countries like Dominica who depend of fresh surface water, if we pollute the environment, it will then pollute these fresh water resources and as a result a lot more money has to be spent to treat the water to make it portable.

He says he hopes all the participants will make the best of this vital workshop.


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