Wave is Showdown Mas “Champ of the Camp”


John “The Wave” Bruno

New comer, John “The Wave” Bruno, is Showdown Mas Camps’ “Champ of the Camp” for the Tents’ 2014 Calypso season.

The calypsonian sang his way to the top with a rendition of his popular song entitled ‘I Must Speak’ at the Harlem Plaza on Thursday February 27th 2014.

There was a slight mishap with the result of the runners up but in the end sole female contender in the calypso finals, Leona Peters, came in first with her song ‘Baby Machine’ while Michael ‘Boople’ Lafleur, singing ‘Money Magician placed second runner up.

Although the show was low on Calypso competitors it was reportedly hailed a success.

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