WAWU to meet with Liat’s Board of Directors later this month


The Water Front and Allied Workers Union (WAWU) will be traveling to Barbados on March 29th, 2011 to engage Liat’s Board of Directors in discussions, regarding Liat’s decision to close all its city offices in the Caribbean.


General Secretary of the Water Front and Allied Workers Union Mr. Kertist Augustus says since the disclosure, the unions have been engaging the management of Liat in discussions as they seek to find an amicable solution to the matter.


However, he says after being presented with Liat’s statistical information at their last meeting in Antigua, they requested to meet with the board since they are the only one who can review the decision.


According to him, the union is of the view that there isn’t any justification in the closure of the city offices, because of the amount of revenue that is being generated by these offices.

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