WCK Band Added to World Creole Music Festival Line Up

" class=Fans of the pioneers of Boyoun music, the WCK Band can now breathe a sigh of relief, as the band will now be performing at the 17th Annual World Creole Music Festival, carded for October 25 to 27th.

This was made public on Wednesday September 11th at a press conference, organized by the Dominica Festivals Committee (DFC).

The fans of the WCK Band were disappointed, and vocally expressed their concerns on social media, when the band was not mentioned during the official media launch of the festival on Monday July 29th.

In a previous interview with SAT News, manager of the WCK Band, Mr. Keith Goddard, stated, it would be very disappointing for the fans and for the band to not be given the opportunity to perform at this year’s festival.

He made this statement following the media launch of the WCMF 2013, when the band was not included in the lineup nor contacted, even a month after the launch.

Mr. Goddard says, the band’s inclusion into the festival, is a fortunate turnaround for both the fans of the band and the patrons who will attend the festival.

“Although it is somewhat late, the band will be ready and preparations are on the way for high energy performances, “Mr. Goddard added.

A call has been sounded to all fans of the band, to ensure they turn up in large numbers to show their support.

WCK Band Manager, Mr. Keith Goddard

WCK Band Manager, Mr. Keith Goddard

The WCK Band will perform on Sunday morning from 4:30 to 6:00 am, closing Saturday night’s event.

Asa Banton was also added to the WCMF, and will perform on Friday October 25th along with Triple Kay, Nayee, Nu Look and others.

Another new addition, Kross Vybes will perform on Sunday October 27th, along with Carimi, Swingstars and Calypsonians including King Dice, Hunter, Tasha P, and De Bobb.



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