WCK Band May Not Be Performing at the 17th Annual World Creole Music Festival

WCK Band Performing at a Previous World Creole Music Festival

WCK Band Performing at a Previous World Creole Music Festival

The 17th annual World Creole Music Festival (WCMF) lineup, was launched on Monday July 29th, where the much anticipated list of bands and musicians confirmed to perform, were unveiled.

However, in a weird twist, a band, which has been performing since the inception of the festival was not mentioned, nor was it in the list of bands slated to perform.

The Pioneers of boyoun music, the WCK Band and their fans, have been left in the dark, as it relates to whether or not the band will perform at this year’s festival.

On the band’s facebook page, their fans have been expressing their dissatisfaction of the exclusion of the WCK Band, in this year’s lineup for the 17th annual World Creole Music Festival, stating that they want answers.

A source, confirmed that the band will not be included in this year’s festival, as the Dominica Festival’s Committee (DFC) sought to try something new with the festival.

The source also stated, the WCK Band has been performing at the festival for 15 of its 16 years, and bands like Swinging Stars and Midnight Groovers, were not in the lineup of the festival for various years and the WCK Band is no different.

WCK Band Manager, Mr. Keith Goddard

WCK Band Manager, Mr. Keith Goddard

In light of this, in an exclusive interview with SAT Telecoms, leader of the WCK Band, Mr. Keith Goddard, says it has been about a month since the lineup was announced for this year’s festival and they have not yet been contacted by the Dominica Festivals Committee, as to whether or not they will be performing at this year’s festival.

He said, by the looks of the situation, this year might be the first year that the WCK Band will not be performing at the festival.

“It would be very disappointing for the fans and for the band not being given the opportunity to perform at this year’s festival,” Mr. Goddard explained.

He noted, the DFC needs to remind themselves on the purpose of the festival, to promote Dominica and Dominican music, based on his understanding.

Since the media launch of the festival a month ago, he said, he has been receiving a lot of calls and messages on the band’s facebook page, as to why the WCK Band is not in this year’s Creole Festival lineup, which he does not have the answer to.

fpptage (3)“There were signs from the DFC, that we may not be contacted this year, but we gave them the benefit of the doubt, he said.

He said although some fans have been calling for the boycott of the festival, this is not something he would encourage, as we still need to support the festival.

Will the WCK Band really not be part of this year’s 17th annual World Creole Music Festival? Only time will tell.

  • BouyonFanatick

    So.. WCK over Triple Kay.. Give me a break… DFC do better than dat!!!… NO Ck… NO Festival!!

    • C.C

      **Triple Kay over WCK!!! I meant …lol lol

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