WCK Manager Speaks on “Boyoun Gwada” Clamp Down

“Gaza girls” from Guadeloupe

Recently authorities in Guadeloupe started clamping down on an offshoot of Dominica’s homegrown music Bouyon, as they said it could have an effect on that genre in the French island.

Known as “Bouyon Gwada” which is an offshoot from Boyoun, it is reported to be causing a lot of problems in Guadeloupe because of its lewd and violent lyrics.

Authorities in Guadeloupe have been placing restrictions on Bouyon Gwada and anything related to Bouyon music, which is and could be potentially dangerous to Boyoun.

Manager of the WCK Band Mr. Keith Goddard says although he does not have a full knowledge of the situation, he said that what the French authorities are really concerned about is the lyrics in the Boyoun Gwada music.

Mr. Goddard says it is vital that all those involved in Boyoun music work as a group to find solutions to this problem, while stating discussions with the French will be important.

He added music has no barriers and as such we should not place ourselves in such a position.

WCK Band

On a more positive note, the WCK Band was awarded for their 25 year contribution of Boyoun music at the 16th Annual World Creole Music Festival.

Mr. Goddard says this award is well deserved as the band has stuck together through thick and thin, to continue delivering quality music to all fans.

Coming from a solid performance at the World Creole Music Festival, Mr. Goddard says, he enjoyed the bands performance which took a lot of planning.

Lead Singer Nayee was also satisfied with the band’s performance.

Antiguan Soca Artiste Claudette Peters who was part of the band’s Creole Festival performance says she simply loves working with the band.

Another Lead Singer Delly says being part of the band and feeding people with music is one of his joys, and is something he really loves to do.

Manager of the WCK Band, Mr. Keith Goddard

Mr. Goddard said Nayee is an Artiste who needs to develop himself besides the band, so he does not have any problem in him pursuing personal endeavors.

He added after the unfortunate death of Nayee’s father, they had a discussion where Nayee should pursue his dream besides that of being in the band.


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