WCK Releases New Music Video Promoting Dominica

For over 25 years, the WCK Band has been the pioneers of Bouyon music and is now looking to take the genre to the next level, with the addition of a new member and the release of a new music video.

One of the lead singers of the WCK Band, Mr. Clint Henderson explained the video was shot for one of their new songs entitled ‘767.’

Video Shoot for WCK's '767'

Video Shoot for WCK’s ’767′

Mr. Henderson highlighted that the concept for the song came from a friend of the Band Mr. Peter Walsh, but is something all Dominicans are familiar with.

He described the two day video shoot, which was filmed at various locations, as ‘fun and professional’.

New member of the WCK Band, Mr. Edmund Telemaque, also known as Chum Dada says, he enjoyed the video shoot particularly as it was a new experience for him with the band.

The music video showcases various aspects of Dominica’s culture and can also be used to promote the beauty of Dominica and its hospitable citizens for tourism purposes.

The music video will be launched on the night of Thursday, October 17th and can also be seen on SAT’s local programming channel.

It will also be available on WCK’s Facebook page and on YouTube.

WCK Band Members, Clint Henderson (left), Edmund Telemaque (right)

WCK Band Members, Clint Henderson (left), Edmund Telemaque (right)


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