“We have planned to take them to court,” said The Mayor of Roseau, Mr. Cecil Joseph


 Mayor of Roseau Central, Mr. Cecil Joseph has joined forces with the Dominica Solid Waste Management with hopes of uplifting the City of Roseau. While speaking to SAT TV News on Wednesday August 25th, Mr. Joseph said that in order for the development of Roseau to become a reality the residents of Roseau must first adopt a different mindset towards the city’s development.


“People still have the view that they can throw garbage anywhere they please. I think the first thing that we have to do is to change the minds of people. We as a council have already started a number of programs for the main purpose of creating a better standard of living for individuals,” said Mr. Joseph.


Mr. Joseph made public some of the preparations incepted for Roseau’s development and believes that these projects will aid in maintaining a clean environment for the City of Roseau.


“We have requested from the central government some additional cash in order to buy a second garbage truck that will assist in speeding up all actions which relates to proper garbage disposal in the city. This is becoming a nuisance,” added the Mayor.


He mentioned that the Roseau City Council is currently out of funds for the main purpose of the residents’ inability to live up to their own financial responsibilities.


“I’m saying that if people were paying their bills, there will be no reason for the Roseau City Council to seek assistance from the central government. We have already begun to take people to court and I am not going to waste any time trying to figure out ways to generate revenue when we have over ten million dollars  outside.” He said.


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