“We Need Paramedic Training,” says Fire Service P.R.O

Public Relations Officer, Wayne Letang

Public Relations Officer, Wayne Letang

Training for staff in the field of paramedics is an urgent need of the Fire Service according to its Public Relations Officer, Wayne Letang.

At present, the Fire Service operates only and ambulance service but paramedic training would be a valuable asset.

“In the fire department we have personnel trained as Emergency Medical Technicians, which involves a lot of biology and the human body which fire officers engage in such work and we would like to see now that the ambulance service is upgraded to a paramedic’s service and not just an ambulance service,” Letang explained.

The P.R.O stated although they currently have many fire officers training as Emergency Medical Technicians for the ambulance service, a paramedic service is much more developed.

He said this is important, as the world is developing at a very fast pace, and they too need to keep up to date with the changing times and technology.

“You could find that an effective paramedic service would actually reduce the strain on your central hospital, because with a paramedic service, not all patients would be transported to the Hospital, as some patients would be treated at the scene of any incident and based on the diagnosis a decision would be made whether or not that individual would need to go to the Hospital,” Letang explained.

As first responders he said, being able to treat patients in the field as paramedics is something that could also save lives as time is critical in any emergency.

Letang says, they are remaining optimistic that it will be possible in the future, as this is an aspect they have included in their three year strategic plan.

Emergency vehicles at the Roseau Fire Station

Emergency vehicles at the Roseau Fire Station

He noted, the public must be aware that the job of a fire officer is not limited to that of extinguishing fires, as there are many other activities they are involved in with fire prevention being one of their main focus.

Letang added, that some officers respond to vehicular accidents and other emergencies, and some are trained in handling of hazardous materials, however and there is a growing need for more officers to be trained in that aspect.

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