“We Need To Protect Our Children,” says Asp Claude Weekes

Assistant Superintendent of Police, Claude Weekes

Assistant Superintendent of Police, Claude Weekes

Parents are being urged to ensure they protect their children as a lot of negative activities are being unleashed on children.

This valuable piece of advice came from Assistant Superintendent of Police, Claude Weekes in an interview with SAT TV during the Anti-Child Sexual Abuse rally in St. Joseph on Friday May 23rd 2014.

“We will stand up and ensure that people who abuse our children face the corridors of justice, and that is namely they will be arrested and charged before the Court and indeed allowing the due process to take place and people will be sentenced according to the Law, as it is important that the message is propagated,” stressed Weekes.

He said, it is important that the public stand up against child sexual abuse and all other forms of abuse to safeguard children so they live proper lifestyles.

“It is not about only talking the talk, but we must walk the walk and take solid action, as children are being abused regularly which is not right,” Weekes stressed.

He said it is time to arrest the situation.

Weekes says, while the situation will not be obliterated, we have a responsibility to find the prescriptions and antidotes to medicate the problem, so the children will be protected for the future.

He added, we cannot hide from child sexual abuse, but we can develop strategies to deal with the problem, as too many children are being affected.

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