“We offer a unique festival” says Mr Sobers Esprit



Mr. Sobers Esprit, Deputy Chairman of the Dominica Festivals Committee (DFC) said that the World Creole Music Festival is indeed a unique package which focuses mainly on exposing Dominican talents as he spoke to media officials at a press conference held on August 25th 2010. However, he said that the DFC has recognized the need to include other genres of music in an effort to attract more visitors to the event.


“This year we have an exciting line-up which touches on every genres of music which includes creole, reggae, soca and cadence,” said Mr. Esprit.


Esprit highlighted some of the artists who will be performing at this year’s World Creole Music Festival.


He said, “on Friday night, we have the great messenger Luciano among many other well known artists. Jah Cure who is possibly the most talented reggae artist out of Jamaica at this time and Krosfyah Band from Barbados, who is currently celebrating 25 years in the music business, will compliment Saturday night’s line-up. On Sunday night we have the creators of cadence music, exile one. I believe that it would be great for us to see Gordon Henderson, Fitzroy Williams and Vivian Wallace and the others playing on stage after their absence at the festival. I’m sure that most patrons throughout the Caribbean will be looking forward to see the creators of cadence music band on stage at the World Creole Music Festival.


The Deputy Chairman said that although the economic crisis posed a major threat to the festival last year, he is certain that this year will be bigger and better.


“In terms of the line-up, we are able to put together and organize a professional package. We have all the media houses present this year and we would like to thank all the local media houses especially Kairi Fm, Q-95, DBS, SAT Telecommunications Ltd, Marpin and others who are giving their support to promote the World Creole Music Festival,” he said.


Season tickets are currently being offered at a discounted price of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00) for the month of August and three hundred dollars ($300.00) and three hundred and twenty-five dollars ($325.00) for the months of September and October respectively.

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