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Founder and Managing Director of Green Isle Designs, Mr. Onan Thomas

Are you interested in advertising your company or enhancing your photos for an affordable price?

Green Isle Designs, a local upcoming Web-Based company can definitely assist.

Founder and Managing Director of Green Isle Designs, Mr. Onan Thomas, has designed photos for over 6 years.

Mr. Thomas says the general objective is to assist Dominicans who need the advertisement and creative photo designs at an affordable price.

Currently, Mr. Thomas is the Program Technician at Sat Telecoms, and sometimes takes up the duty of the Video Editor as well as the Graphic Designer.

Some of his skills as Managing Director of Green Isle Designs include: picture manipulation, video editing and enterprise enhancement.

He can also assist business managers with concepts for their new organizations.

Although he has a full plate at SAT Telecoms with his work duties, roles and responsibilities, he still manages to cater to his clients on Green Isle Designs.

Mr. Thomas can be contacted through email greenisle.designs@gmail.com or on mobile number, 613-7333.

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