WEF and the Development Institute to market Dominica as a green investment-friendly environment

Coordinator of Dominica’s first Green Investment conference, Mr Atherton Martin said that the Development Institute is partnering with the Waitukubuli Ecological foundation (WEF) in promoting the island as a green investment-friendly environment.


Mr Martin’s comments came at the close of the three-day conference held in Dominica under the theme ‘imperatives for a green economy in Dominica’. He said that decisions and recommendations that arose from the conference will be analyzed and presented to the necessary authorities for implementation.


President of WEF, Mr Bernard Wiltshire said that one of the main objectives of the conference was to devise strategies to attract foreign investors into the island, which in turn, will provide employment and revenue for Dominica. He said that this initiative is nothing new as it has been in the pipeline decades ago.


Mr Wiltshire believes said that the use of Dominica’s natural resources is critical in the promotion of a green investment-friendly environment.

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