West Coast Road Project Continues

In order to accommodate the West Coast Road Project, traffic will be diverted from Fond Cole to the Cove, in Canefield.

This is in an effort to ensure the safety of motorists while work is being carried out on the roads.


This traffic diversion should commence this week.


Vehicles will, instead travel on the new road built nearer to the sea wall.


Minister of Public Works, Energy and Ports, Mr. Rayburn Blackmoore, says that this is only a temporary measure to ensure that the project is completed quickly while keeping motorists safe.

The completion of the three lane road project from Fond Cole to the Cove at Canefield is only one part of the road project organized, according to Mr. Blackmoore.


The restructuring of several other roads on the west coast and in other areas has been planned.

At the end of the project, the west coast of Dominica should have what can be described as a road of top class standard.


Mr. Blackmoore pleads with motorist to be tolerant of the changes that will be experienced as the road projects continue.


He explained that it is difficult to manage traffic flow while road projects are ongoing and the persons responsible are trying their best to ensure quick completion while causing minimum disruption in the traffic flow.

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