West Coast Road Project Well on its Way

rayburn blackmoore.jpgIn his official visit on site today, 24th June, 2011, Minister of Public Works, Energy and Ports, Honourable Rayburn Blackmoore, confirmed that the west coast road project is well on its way.



The project involves the building of the Hanover Street- Elliot Avenue Bridge, and the improvement of the road from the Wood Bridge Bay to the Cove. It also entails the building of a three-lane bridge at Fond Cole.



Mr. Blackmoore mentioned that there have been many critics who say that the new bridge is too low. However he has confirmed that the bridge is four and a half feet above sea level.



Mr. Blackmoore also said that this new bridge is an improvement from the east and west bridges transporting people to and from the city respectively as it can accommodate two-lane traffic while the others can only accommodate one.



The road project at Canefield is also making good progress. The road is intended to be a two lane road starting from the bridge at Fond Cole, with a pull over lane. The road will be at average nineteen feet wide and it is being designed to accommodate proper drainage and side walk.



Mr. Blackmoore noted that there are other aspects of road building than just surfacing roads. He said that citizens should bear in mind that because they are not seeing road surfacing been undertaken, it does not mean that no work is being done.



He mentioned that the project will progress with proper signage on the roads, as well as, more bus stops along the way.

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