West Dominica Children’s Inc engages 36 schools in an Easter poster /card design competition


For the past three (3) weeks, West Dominica Children’s Federation Inc. together with Child Fund Caribbean have engaged thirty-six (36) schools on the island in an Easter Cards/posters design competition.


Miss Remilia Romain, Sponsor Relations for West Dominica Children’s Inc and affiliate of Child Fund Caribbean Says this is in keeping with their goal to implement educational programs in various schools across the island which will allow the participation of every single child, since recent studies have shown that children who participate in programs and activities are more likely to succeed as adults.


She says the objectives of this programme are to recognize the creative and artistic skills of the students and to encourage student participation in ChildFund Caribbean activities and events.


According to Miss Romain, over the next few days, they will be travelling to the various participating schools to select the top three postcards.


SAT TV News caught up with the team at the Roosevelt Douglas Primary School in Portsmouth, where Field Officer Miss Josian Carbon further enlightened us about the activity.


This is the first program of its kind that is being undertaken by West Dominica Children’s Federation Inc.


West Dominica Children’s Inc whose mission is to help deprived, excluded and vulnerable children that are living in poverty to  become leaders who will bring lasting and positive change to their communities, has provided thousands of children with text books, uniforms, school fees, free access to counseling and after school tutoring, to name a few .

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