West Indies Players Association wants New Mou and Collective Bargaining Agreement

West-Indies-Cricket-Board1The West Indies Players’ Association (WIPA) CEO, Michael Hall says the players’ body wants to have a new Memorandum of Understanding and Collective Bargaining Agreement (MOU/CBA) with the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) in place by the end of July 2013.

The MOU/CBA, which governed the relationship between WIPA and the WICB, expired in November 2011 and the WICB wrote to WIPA giving notice of revision of the MOU/CBA by June 30, 2011.

The WICB also notified WIPA of the termination of the MOU/CBA, effective September 30, 2011, should there be no revision; however the termination of the agreements were the subject of dispute.

WIPA sought an injunction, keeping the agreements in force until the claim could be heard, which was granted on March 1, 2012.

Last month, in the Trinidad and Tobago High Court, Justice Ricky Rahim discharged the injunction brought by WIPA and ordered the players’ body to pay the WICB’s court costs of TT$900,000.

Hall said that WIPA is eager to meet with the WICB to come up with a new agreement as soon as possible.

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