Wet Fete Promoter says No Children Allowed at Event

Persons partaking in Wet Fete 2013

Persons partaking in Wet Fete 2013

The message could not be made any clearer; promoter of the Wet Fete event scheduled for Sunday February 23rd 2014 at the Sisserou Hotel says no children will be allowed at the event.

Mr. Tilly Thomas made it very clear that the event is for adults 18 and over.

He advised the young persons to support the teenage pageant instead, noting Wet Fete is ‘big people party’.

He added this year’s show will have more energy, flavour and action as compared to previous years.

Mr. Thomas added, he will not be blamed for anyone that consumes too much alcohol and gets out of order.footage (2)

Identification will not be required to enter the event, however, Mr. Thomas says, the security guards have a clear idea of who is 18 and older.

He added, those who know they are not old enough to attend the event, should save themselves the embarrassment of being turned away.


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