What are Dominicans doing to keep their environment clean? – by Emmera A. Nesty

With Environmental month quickly coming to an end, it is fascinating to see that despite the malicious nature of few, Dominicans are still making major attempts to keep their environment clean.

During the month of June, the Ministry of Education facilitated by the Carib whale association, concluded a four month program dealing with educating persons on how to protect the marine environment in Dominica.

This program taught young children the importance of conservation, and the dangers of littering to the marine environment and aquatic life.

Along with this positive initiative, The Discover Dominica Authority (DDA), in collaboration with the Dominica Solid Waste Management Cooperation (DSWMC), furnished Roseau with sixty (60) new garbage bins, with the incentive to keep the city clean.

The “Adopt A Bin Project” as it was called, is to aid in the purchasing and distribution of bins, to raise awareness against littering.

Public Relations Officer of the Dominica Solid Waste Management Cooperation (DSWMC), Mr Jeno Jacob stated that, ‘the contributions made by individuals play a key part in maintaining the mandate of keeping the island clean and protecting its citizens from health risks associated with poor waste disposal.’

Therefore, it is evident that the good deeds of many will not be deterred by the malice of few.

One is led to believe that Dominica shall remain clean and green for future generations.

WRITTEN BY Emmera A. Nesty

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