William Lewis of Virgin Lane was Remanded

court3.jpgWilliam Lewis of Virgin Lane was remanded at the Stockfarm State Prison, after facing Roseau Magistrate Ossie Lewis on Friday June 21st 2013.

The man who was described as a vagrant pled not guilty to two charges – theft, where it is alleged he stole $39EC on Wednesday June 19th belonging to Mr. Smith Magloire and for unlawfully interfering with a pickup registration number PN993, without permission to do so.

This charge he also pled not guilty to.

During the Court proceedings, the defendant interrupted Magistrate Lewis asking him for food.

In questioning the defendant, Magistrate Lewis asked him if he wants to go to prison to get food, and to everyone’s amazement he said yes.

The matter was adjourned for July 5th 2013.


In more court news;

18 year old Shakil Bastien of Pichelin was ordered to undergo a 14 day psychiatric evaluation, when he faced Roseau Magistrate Ossie Lewis on Friday June 21st.

According to the facts of the case, on Thursday June 20th he was warned to leave the area, by a security guard at Save A Lot Supermarket, after he was observed harassing and begging customers for money.

Reports are that he went to the opposite side of the road, where he pelted a stone at the security guard who was standing near the door and ran away.

The stone broke the glass door to the entrance of the supermarket striking a cashier inside injuring her.

It was stated that, Bastien subsequently surrendered himself to the police.

He was questioned and slapped with charges for, malicious damage, to the glass door valued at EC $839.50, beating Save a Lot employee, Ms. Darnel Gordon, and unlawfully throwing a stone into Save A Lot endangering persons.

He pled guilty to all charges.

The Court also learnt that, the defendant appeared before a Magistrate in March of 2013, for another incident that ordered him to see a psychologist – however there was no record in the Court this was done.

The matter was adjourned for July 5th 2013.

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