Woman faces six charges in the alleged passport scam case

Bail has been granted to Kimana James of Castle Comfort after being charged with six counts of forgery.

Miss James was released on $30,000 on Tuesday, and was ordered to surrender her passport to the court immediately.


She was charged with the forgery of two certificates of birth, document numbers 4179 and 14704, as well as the possession and utterance of those certificates.


The certificates are said to be on the names of Younis Abraham and Mohhammed Mohafak Ibrahim.


Police prosecution objected to bail on the grounds that Miss James was employed at the registry and may tamper with the investigations, however, defence counsel Wayne Norde counteracted that his client is not an employee of the registry, and is not in a position to hinder the investigations.


He also brought to the court’s attention the fact that his client had collapsed while in police custody, and was later admitted to the Princess Margaret Hospital for one week.


Norde, who described the prosecution’s claims as base-less, noted that his client was in police custody twice and was subsequently released.


Magistrate Candia George, who also described the prosecution’s objection as ‘weak’, says two weeks had already elapsed wherein the defendant was not in police custody, and could have tampered with the investigations then.


She said that bail is also being granted taking into consideration the fact that Miss James is still ill.


Miss James was cautioned to stay out of trouble or else her bail will be revoked.


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