Woman Injured During Fire Scare at Marpin Building


Marpin Building

A number of persons, who work in a building that houses a television company and a call center in Roseau, rushed to the exits following reports of a fire in the building.

Fire and Ambulance officials upon receiving the call at about 7:40am on Tuesday July 23rd, immediately arrived on the scene to assess the situation.


Woman Injured During Fire Scare at Marpin Building

Many employees for both businesses housed in the building, were seen on the outside curiously estimating what was going on.

One employee reported that smoke was seen exiting a window on the second floor of the building, which raised suspicion and the Fire Officials were quickly alerted.

However another employee who works on the second floor, where the fire originated, explained that the fire was not serious.

It appeared that someone who may have been smoking a cigarette threw the cigarette butt in a garbage bin, which was filled with discarded paper and that ignited the contents in the bin.

An employee for the television company, who was on the second floor at the time, injured one of her legs while trying to evacuate the building.


Woman Injured During Fire Scare at Marpin Building

She was stabilized by Fire Officials, and then transported to the Princess Margaret Hospital for further medical attention.

The incident attracted a number of curious onlookers, before police officials arrived on the scene to conduct their investigation.

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