Woman Protests against Censorship of Media in Venezuela

It takes one to lead. That sentiment was displayed in its true form on Saturday February 22nd, when Venezuelan, living in Dominica, Ms. Sandra Vivas, took it upon herself to protest the media blackout of the ongoing protest in Venezuela.

Sara Vivas, lone protestor

Sandra Vivas, lone protestor

She noted, the situation is chaotic with several protests taking place all over the country.

According to Ms. Vivas, the National Guard has been taking the equipment of reporters, to prevent them from broadcasting the true images and videos of the protest in Venezuela.

Armed forces barricade against protestors

Armed forces barricade against protestors



Ms. Vivas says, students are being tortured and imprisoned and five deaths have been confirmed.

But what is disheartening she noted, is that the Government has said only one will be investigated.

“They are the ones who have the weapon, they are the ones who have the arms”, she stated.

According to Ms. Vivas, President Maduro’s Administration is trying all in its power, to ensure the dire situation of Venezuela is not being reported for the world to see.


protesters stand off against police in Venezuela

protesters stand off against police in Venezuela

She added, the Government is blaming the Opposition for causing riots and starting the unrest, but citizens of the country are protesting against the corrupt Government.

The protestor noted, the Government needs to disarm the Paramilitary groups in the country and free the dollar, so there is less scarcity of food and medicine.

She noted, the Government has shut down the internet in Venezuela and has threatened to shut off electricity, so no one can communicate with the outside world.

Ms. Vivas added, there is no medicine or food available in the country, leaving many hungry and in

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