Women Urged to Stand up Against Domestic Violence


Director of the Bureau of Gender Affairs, Ms. Rosie Brown

Director of the Bureau of Gender Affairs, Ms. Rosie Brown is calling on women to be conscious of their perception of violence and should not accept anyone talking down to them, degrading them  or slapping them.

She is also calling for greater awareness and a change in attitudes towards women.

This message comes ahead of the celebration of International Women’s Day to be observed on Friday, March 8th 2013.

Ms. Brown says she would also like to see more young men appreciating the greater need to rally with women, and partner with the various organizations to reduce the problem of violence against women, which has a negative impact on society.

Violence against women she said, impacts us at different levels and is a great cost to society, both in terms of productivity, health costs and in terms of individual cost including the pain that goes with it.

Ms. Brown went on to highlight one of the major activities that the Bureau of Gender Affairs will host during the observation of International Women’s Day.

She stated, the theme of this year’s celebration is ‘A Promise is a Promise, Time for Action to End Violence against Women.”

Ms. Brown added a new trend is being seen regarding of violence against women.

A collaborated effort is required to eradicate and to prevent it from spreading out of control.

She said, what they are hoping to achieve is a greater awareness that, this problem exists.

It is a very serious one, so more people can seek help to make a positive difference.

Ms. Brown added it is important to empower women with the necessary skills and or opportunities they can use to help themselves and families.

The Bureau also hosted a panel discussion at the Fort Young Hotel on Thursday March 7th 2013, where they discussed the issue of violence against women.

A seminar on rural development enterprise for women, will take place on Friday, March 8th 2013 at the Waitukubuli National Trail Research and Interpretation Facility in Pond Casse.

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